11in Curly Bully Sticks - Odor Free

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A pizzle is cut lengthwise into strips and each strip is curled into a spring shape and then baked. Each piece measures about 11" long, though the width of each piece is variable.

Chew Time: A moderately lasting chew for medium to large dogs.

Recommended for: All life stages of dogs weighing 30lbs or more.

This is the perfect first chew for a puppy. It's durable enough to keep a puppy occupied for a long time, yet softer than a regular straight bully stick (since it's made out of a strip of pizzle, rather than the entire thickness).

The curly shape provides an interesting texture for dogs to gnaw on. Since it's not a straight stick, it'll be more difficult for dogs who are enthusiastic gulpers to swallow it whole.

Country of Origin: Made in the USA.


100% bull pizzle

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