6in Braided Bully Sticks - Odor Free

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A pizzle is cut lengthwise into strips and the three strips are tightly braided together to create a chew that'll last longer than a regular straight 6" bully stick. Dogs often find the irregular texture of braided bully sticks interesting to chew on.

Chew Time: A long lasting chew for puppies and small to medium-sized dogs.

Recommended for: All life stages of dogs weighing 40lbs or less. Great for teething puppies, picky dogs, and adult dogs who need something durable to chew.

The curly shape provides an interesting texture for dogs to gnaw on. Since it's not a straight stick, it'll be more difficult for dogs who are enthusiastic gulpers to swallow it whole.

Country of Origin: Made in the USA.


100% bull pizzle

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