12in Jumbo Bully Sticks - Naturally Scented

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The 12" Jumbo Bully Stick is an enticing, durable chew for dogs who need a large chew to keep them busy. This bully stick is perfect for powerful chewers like Labradors, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, etc. Each bully stick will weigh between 65-85g per piece.

This is NOT an odor free bully stick. There is some noticeable odor especially while being chewed. Dogs who are finicky eaters tend to be attracted to stronger smelling foods, so the low odor bully sticks may be a good recommendation for these types of dogs.

Chew Time: This is a long lasting chew for medium to large dogs.

Recommended for: Large dogs over 50lbs. Appropriate for all life stages.

Country of Origin: Brazil or Germany


100% bull pizzle

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