Mermaid Pet Costume with Reversible Sequined Tail

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Dog Costume Description:

Mermaid Pet Costume with reversible sequined tail will take your pup or kitty under-the-sea with this one of a kind look. With a removable seashell bra, you can have a mermaid OR a merman in your own home! 

Mermaids don't discriminate between cats and dogs! This costume can fit a Cat or Chihuahua all the way to a Bernese Mountain Dog!

Product Details:

  • This Mermaid Pet Costume is perfect for Halloween, themed parties, or just for fun.
  • Reversible sequins – Pet Krewe created this one-of-a-kind design tail for your special pet. You can change the sequined tail color from emerald green to seafoam blue just with a touch! Or, create fun and crazy designs!
  • Adjustable seashell bra fits tiny and broad chests. Or, if you want to turn your mermaid into a merman, just remove the seashells all together! 
  • Sure grip – enjoy your little mermaid or merman without having to constantly adjust it! It’s so versatile!
  • Made from 100%, pet-friendly soft polyester for ultimate comfort.
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